Deeper into the Sacred Core: Spiritual Practice

I see your Core Values are listed as: Sacred, Local, Organic, and Wellness.  What do you mean by ‘Sacred’?


Let’s start with the basics: Spiritual Practice.  That is central piece of our foundation and part of our daily life.


For me, my spiritual practice really woke up about 15 years ago.  A friend of mine had just returned from an intensive Yoga Teacher Training in India, and wanted to start teaching.  She wanted to start by offering community yoga, and I happened to have a centrally located home with a living room big enough to accommodate it.  And for over a year, three times a week or so, I would roll out of bed, down the stairs, and begin my first study of yoga, at the feet of this divine yogini, all dressed in white.


She taught Kundalini Yoga, as brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan.  It’s a very dynamic yoga, including all sorts of strange-at-first movements and breathwork, with periods of rest in between.  It was difficult and quite an effort to keep up.


15 or so years later, I am still in my practice, sometimes daily, sometimes less.  And while my physical practice has waxed and waned over time, singing the sacred words and mantras of Kundalini Yoga and the larger Sikh Dharma that it comes from, has always remained a constant.


To borrow, paraphrase, and expand upon some words from one of my senior teachers:

Fill yourself so that you are full to overflowing.  So full and overflowing that you are simply spilling out into the hearts and bodies and cups of those close to you, filling them, in turn, and encouraging their own realization of filling themselves to overflowing, so that they too might spill over into the hearts and bodies and cups of those close to them, and so that eventually we may all be swimming in the shared waters of our overflowing consciousness.


Many of us have been told, as children and as adults, ‘Be quiet!’.  ‘Shut up!’.  And a great many of us have also been told that we have no voice for singing.  No ear for singing.  To leave the singing to the singers.  And that we are not one of them.  


Voice shaming, similarly to body shaming, diminishes and extinguishes an absolutely essential and vital part of the sacred fire that is you and yours alone.  It can take years and lifetimes to recover from even a casual remark, carelessly made.




Sing as if your life depends on it.  


Because it does.


How does this get reflected in your work?

We have a sense that the food and beverages that we make will take on, in some way, the energy of those making it, while they are making it. 


We have an almost constant sound current during production, where we are either playing music or singing.  Mostly devotional music and chanting, though occasionally we s



teer more into pop music from the influence of our teenage children, who also help out with some of pre-production tasks like labeling and packaging.  We make it a collaborative environment.


We feel that by being in an energetic field of love while we make your chai, your coffee, your probiotic soda, whatever it is we are making, that we give some of that energy to you and all those who handle them on their way to you.


We envision that even the people in the next car over from our delivery van feel the radiance of the medicine and love that we put into what we make.

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