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*Not Suitable for PETS due to non-oil base* 


324mg in an All New formulation of the best quality ingredients, third party testing, komboucha low alcohol base with pure Hemp CBD Extract. 


This combination has a faster onset than our oil based tinctures.    


Ginger flavor.   


Check out 1200mg Dragon Drops with organic ginger brightening flavor and 524mg Citrus Drops. 


We also carry Smooth, Buttery Oils with no aftertaste.   


We love them all.   Our kids use the Oils (so do our pets).  Our moms use these komboucha alcohol tinctures and so do many other people who want a quick onset of their hemp CBD.   


Mix them with cocktails, mocktails, soda water, seltzer, soda.... They're delicious as mix-ins!    


Keeping it pure, safe, real and accessible for our family and yours.    


Love Drops 324